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They say…  The marketers that want to sell me instruction on how to make it in an art world, how to price my paintings, how to do this or that, are they. They say art is creating an emotion. That’s what really sells. I have to connect with collectors on an emotional level. Or those who buy my art have to respond to it on an emotional level, that no amount of ‘selling’ will really make them want to buy my painting. They like the process of buying as much as I like process of creating.

The gurus say buyers want to know me. That got me thinking about me. What is my story? Where do I start? And how can I make it unique and emotionally viable to be relevant to them. I didn’t hatch from an egg, like everyone else I was born to a mother. And like everyone else my life had it’s glittering moments and it’s trials and tribulations sprinkled in the long fabric of just everyday stuff. So I will have to work on getting a story that can be told in few paragraphs, eventually, but not now. Soon. I’m painting and I need to make a living. And I will work on the story about me, true to fact and make it read like fiction. I promise.

I painted this yesterday I’m selling for $75 image

Persimmon Flower

4″x4″ Acrylic



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  1. Hi Milica My suggestion for your site would be to show more of your very accomplished floral art and less copy.I share your feelings of frustration with the art world but would not publish them on my site. Maybe you could talk about the flowers you paint or their history or just the miracle of growing things. Can you have a show at your local garden society or plant store etc. Have you looked into having your work printed on fabric for home furnishing or clothes? You are not alone. NEVER GIVE UP ! Best wishes Richard

    1. Thank you Richard for your kind comment and suggestions. I was doing the blogs to foster discussion about art in general and my struggle with keeping it in focus and a priority. I’m always feeling so tired, and often I feel like what I do is not good enough. I’m not energized by it. I’m just pushing myself. Gotta fake it til I make it though. I’m also trying to build my mailing list. Can I use your email to send you notification when I have a new painting? Thanks again!

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