Art or Die

If Art don’t kill you, you’ll die anyway. So paint away and sell, sell, sell. Selling your artwork will at least put food on your table and pay the bills. When you get really good, and collectors come knocking at your door, and you don’t have time to take time off to meet demand for your wonderful creations, even if the money is no problem-schedule time off anyway. That is a good problem to have.

I’d like to be there, and I will some day. But now I am not there. No one is knocking at my door asking for a portrait, landscape or whimsical impression of one subject or other. And I worry I’ll die in my studio, with my face stuck in my pallete, having made a streak on the canvas I’m painting. So if you like any of my paintings please purchase some. Contact me! They are for sale. I would love to keep on making them. Thank you!

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