Artists Journey

Like in life, so in art, each one of us is at a different stage of their journey. Setting a destination could be a starting point, then comes gathering supplies, planning, packing, etc.  It may be obvious there is a correlation and possible to draw optimism with this process of becoming and to not succumb to doldrums of not being there already.

Far too often the sight of shiny ending gets obscured by many buggy, muggy problems encountered in the journey. Keep moving, working through those and don’t get bogged down.

I’m talking about wanting to be good at something and not just a beginner. Even this website and blog I’m doing seems so tiny and flimsy, which it is, compared to so many accomplished artists, and such well put revolving web sites with all the bells and whistles. I want to be there already. That’s like a teenager wanting a house and a car and a career right now. It takes time and concentrated effort to achieve.

What is the next step when everywhere all around ground is shifting and sliding and I wish for a giant bird to come and swoop me to a more solid place. What happened to my superpower of making solid out of liquid?

So I’ll stop now and go back to real world of real things like it’s Sunday, I’m planing on more strolling of Artists studios, learning and getting inspired to continue on my journey as an artist. It is really showing me the diversity of artistic existance and potential. Pointing out that I’m still at the planing and gathering stage. In all seriousness having done few jounts here and there though out my life, into this journey to being an artist like I exhibited with local art associations, and taken few classes, I can say that am doing it now as well.

The subject that comes back to me all the time is the uncertainty of where I am and what should I do next. On one hand I see so many possibilities and opportunities that are available and possible, and I can do it with hard work and persistence  on the other hand, I see myself too far from getting to any of it and time is a wasting, and am I really doing what I should at this very moment.  So back to the goal setting and doing the steps. Eating the elephant one bite at the time and hoping the rest wouldn’t rot.  Or I wouldn’t have to fight a lion for it.

This is my rant for the day.

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